Miss Apartheid

Andrzej Koraszewski 2014-03-08

Doron Matalon  2011
Doron Matalon  2011

In the Biblical Song of Solomon Israel is the bride. This beautiful lyrical poetry was probably stolen by priests for national-religious purposes. This is not the first nor the last theft of intellectual property.

For contemporary Western Left and Right, Israel is Miss Apartheid. The Orwellian week of hate for Israel is just an opportunity to sing louder the same song they sing every day.

Among many examples of Jewish evil there happen sometimes to be facts close to the truth.  Anti-Zionists love any information that in the strict Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods religious fanatics enforce the separation of men and women and force women to sit at the back of the bus. Well, those stories are true and one such incident just ended in court. The case was lengthy, because the offence for which Shlomo Fox was sentenced during Israel Apartheid Week to some time of piety in an Israeli prison took place in December 2011.

Devout Shlomo Fox, with the gallant courtesy typical of all too-deep believers of all faiths, ordered the then 19-year-old soldier Doron Matalon, to move to the back of the bus. He claimed that her beauty would awaken lust or unhealthy sexual urges among pious young men.

Doron Matalon couldn’t see why she should submit to the orders of the devout man, so she was informed that she was a slut. An IDF soldier, Matalon didn’t want to make use of the fighting skills she had acquired in the army, and she burst into tears. Other passengers called the police.

The case went to the court and the devout Jew was charged with sexual harassment, since the reason for his loutish shrieking was the sex of the person to whom he directed his shrieks, so now he will be swaying to the wall behind bars.       

Coincidentally, when the slow gears of the Israeli justice machine reached the pious lout, Doron Matalon was in competition with other female inhabitants of her country for the title of Miss Israel of  2014. This title was won by Mor Maman (picture below), born in Morocco, in everyday life working in computer graphic design.

While Doron Matalon won fifth place, because of her successful feeding of a pious Jew into the Israeli justice machinery she also won the title of “Israel Girl”. Without a doubt – in the finals Doron Matalon looked great:

But as an “Israel Girl” 2014 I like her even more. Unfortunately, detailed press reports are only in Hebrew, but I can’t exclude the possibility that that devout Jew was sentenced by a female Arab judge. I know Israeli apartheid only from secondhand reports and sometimes I really do not know whom to believe.

I do not know if I can trust the MP from South Africa, Kenneth Meshoe, who calls accusations that Israel is an apartheid state false and despicable.

Those who fight about (Israeli) apartheid do not like to discuss facts. When a student from New Orleans wrote an article correcting lies about Israel, a regular in polite Left society, Richard Silverstein, gave a link to her text on his Facebook page and commented: “They finally did it: found a Negro Zionist: Uncle Tom is dancin' for joy!”


It is really difficult to know whom to trust in such situations. There are people with fine “nicks” and with even more splendid titles testifying about the existence of terrible apartheid. Can the testimony of a slave counterbalance the testimonies of a whole array of NGOs and foreign correspondents, UN dignitaries and Amnesty International, bishops and some well-known atheists? Simon Deng was once a slave. He lives today in the U.S and has been to Israel; claims that Israel is an apartheid state trigger in him the same outrage as in Kenneth Meshoe.


Simon Deng and Kenneth Meshoe only visited Israel. The Jews could have deceived them. Doctor Barhoum is an Israeli Arab, the director of a hospital close to the Syrian border, and he says:


The Israeli decision to help Syrians in their hour of need is a recognition of a shared humanity, and compassion. That to us has no race, no ethnicity and no borders.


People hardened in the fight with Israeli apartheid will probably not watch this film and neither will they watch the film with Simon Deng. Simon Deng’s face, horribly disfigured by his former owners, scares away atheistic fighters of Israeli racism; they definitely prefer the beautiful face of Bishop Tutu, who is the source of authority for both religious and non-religious opponents of Israeli apartheid.


Personally, I prefer the last Miss of apartheid: born in Ethiopia, Miss Israel 2013, Yityish Aynaw, whose parents found a safe haven in Israel when she was 12.

I do not know if Yityish Aynaw is religious or if she is an atheist; it doesn’t make any difference in a beauty contest. My preferences are not related to the tradition of male chauvinism (which is an abomination), though they may be connected with biology. After all, our sense of esthetics doesn’t come from a god, and that is why “The Song of Solomon” is impressive also for those who are not excited either by racism or religion.


Translation: Małgorzata Koraszewska and Sarah Lawson.